Golden Visa

Foreign currency services

At Smartamoves we have researched many ways of transferring money to and from Portugal and have chosen to work with GC Patners as our recommended foreign exchange partner.


With an office in Portugal, the team at GC Partners are on hand to meet and discuss your requirements in person.



Buying a porperty?


It can several months for a sale of a property to go through and as the exchange rate fluctuates daily, you may be susceptible if the rate moves.

GC Partners have various options to help manage this risk such as our buy-now-pay-later forward contract option.



Selling a property?


Once your house is sold, do you need to repatriate the funds to another currency and send home? 

GC Partners can guide you smoothly through the transfer process and save you money on the exchange rates.


For more information, please have a look at the following website:

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